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Local residents of the King Gesar’s hometown

China Tibet Online)  08:25, May 06, 2013  

Local Tibetan girls [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Widely spreading among ethnic groups such as Tibetan, Mongol and Naxi nationalities, the marvelous heroic epic King Gesar is said to be the longest melodic epic and created by Tibetans of all walks of life, being not only a melt pot of diverse ethnic cultures, but also a witness of the sustainable development of folk cultures of different nationalities.

In Tibetans’ opinion, as the incarnation of Padmasambhava, King Gesar lived a military career, rewarded the good and punished the evil. As "a live form of epic" in Gampa, King Gesar is handed down by troubadours to later generations, which defers from the written form of traditional literary.

Local residents there are quite brave and kind-hearted, embodying the dignity given by the great epic King Gesar.

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