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Better life for Tibetan women in Gansu ethnic area

China Tibet Online)  09:11, May 07, 2013  

A Tibetan woman is busy working on a sewing machine [Photo/China Tibet Online]

In the history of Gannan Tibetan-inhabited Prefecture of Gansu Province, Northwest China, women had long been deprived of the right to education under the rule of a theocratic regime and the feudal serfdom.

Nowadays, feminism has been awakened by economic development and social progress. Women who used to stand behind and support their men now start to pursue their independent personalities and social values. Their features send off a unique beauty that permeates into the majestic mountains of the vast stretch of land in west China.

Graceful, sincere, happy to take the naturally-endowed mission of taking care of the families and treating neighbors nicely, as always, they have changed from the inside. They have more confidence, more decisions to make, more independence, more thoughts and more pursuits.

So do not be surprised if you see them in any social sector or industry such as schools, business circles, arts and basic levels of the social structure.

Their life, like flowers in full blossom is the most magnificent view of Gannan Tibetan-inhabited Prefecture.

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(Editor:LiangJun、Yao Chun)


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