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Photographers embark on Spring Tour to Tibet

(China Tibet Online)

08:18, May 20, 2013

BEIJING, May 18 (China Tibet Online) An activity titled "Tibet through Photographers' Eyes in Four Seasons–Spring" was launched, following the first tour in winter of 2012.

The activity, the first of its kind held by a Chinese media, was jointly launched by the China Tibet Online, China Daily, and Phoenix TV.

According to the organizer, five noted Chinese photographers took part in the activity. They are all experienced in taking Tibet-related photos and prize winners in the First "Impression of Tibet" Photography Contest held by the China Tibet Online in October 2012.

They will be scheduled to visit Lhasa, capital of Tibet, and Nyingchi and Shigatze prefectures to capture the unique spring charm with their cameras.

During the trip, all first-hand photos showing Tibet's landscape, environment and cultural relics and photo stories reflecting ordinary people's life will be published on the website,

Established in 2000, the China Tibet Online ( is a national cyber media in five versions, including Chinese, English, Tibetan, German and French, providing updated, first-hand and in-depth information on Tibet to the whole world.

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