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Frozen in time: transporting ice cores from Mount Qomolangma


08:17, May 21, 2013

Ice cores taken from glaciers contain a wealth of vital data about how the earth's climate has changed over the centuries. In the latest of our special stories from the world's highest mountain, Mount Qomolangma,our reporter meets a team of Chinese ice-core scientists, working on the mountain's East Rongbuk Glacier and finds out why drilling the cores is just the start of the hard work.

Climbing up Mount Qomolangma is no easy task, especially when you're carrying heavy equipment. But you get used to it after many years of travelling the same route.Base camp is the highest place that any vehicle can reach. Above that point, all our vital supplies are carried by yaks and porters like this.

This latest mission is carry extra weight, in every sense of the word.

The yak team is transporting scientific ice cores, taken from the East Rongbuk Glacier, back to base camp.

Before the arrival of the yaks, scientist Huang Zonghu prepares the freezers for the ice cores.

The cores are very fragile. Any melting, and all the hard work of drilling and delivery will go to waste.

These ice cores will travel more than 2,000 kilometers before they eventually reach their destination.

To get them home safely, scientists will need to keep recharging the freezers at various stops along the way. They'll eventually contribute towards our understanding of how the earth's climate is changing.

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