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Disabled Tibetans get jobs in Lhasa

By Karen Lin (China Tibet Online)

08:56, May 24, 2013

A publicity and education campaign to maintain the rights of disabled people was held jointly by Tibet Disabled Persons' Federation, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region and other governmental units in Lhasa on May 19,the 23th National Handicapped Day.

During the campaign, exquisite mats and embroideries caught the attention of many visitors.

"These seven mats are handmade by thirty seven teachers and staffs working in our mat factory," said Dorje, a 27-year-old mat-making teacher with hearing disorders.

Occupational guidance and vocational trainings are very crucial in exploiting the potentialities of the disabled persons. Regarding the vocational trainings, the Tibet Autonomous Region has provided trainings for them in sewing, Thangka paintings, hairdressing, color decoration of the house, computer, massage by blind people, khada making, embroidery and so on, according to Gong Demin, vice chairman of Tibet Disabled Persons'Federation.

"The society should create fair employment opportunities for the disabled by exploiting their potentialities. In 2013, the Tibet Disabled Persons' Federation will continue to promote the social security system and service system for disabled persons and solve their livelihood issues. According to our plan, 1,000 disabled persons will receive occupational guidance and vocational training in 2013, and 300 of them are expected to find jobs," said Gong Demin.

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