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Tibetan culture rooted in people's heart

By Melinda Jin (China Tibet Online)

09:01, May 24, 2013

Nowadays, having a bowl of Tsampa and drinking cups of yak butter tea is many Tibetan youngsters' daily diet though they have more choices as the living condition is much improved.

They love traditional culture but willing to accept new concepts as well. They listen to Tibetan songs with both traditional ethnic features and trendy factors, and young girls like to wear decorated traditional Tibetan robe in summer.

However, some Westerners still mistakenly believe that Tibetans are trapped in a dark society and their culture has been squeezed by the Han culture. They believe the traditional Tibetan culture is "on the brink of extinction".

They have made several mistakes with obvious bias towards China.

But Tibetan culture is not closed

The Tibetan ethnic group has created rich and distinctive culture during the exchanges and integration with other ethnic groups and nations. The Tibetan culture comes into being after a long historical course, making itself a key part of the Chinese culture. In the scope of globe, no culture can survive without developing itself by absorbing other excellent cultures.

In 2012, around 1,300 hours of TV plays were dubbed and broadcast in the Tibetan language, and a record high of 75 dubbed movies were shown on TV as well, according to a Xinhua report.

As more movies and TV shows made in other languages find their way to households, those about Tibetans' history, life and culture gain increasing nationwide popularity.

Meanwhile, various Tibetan cultural events covering exhibitions and performances are held in many inland cities, catering to the need of other ethnic groups to learn about the Tibetan culture.

In recent years, cultural activities are held abroad to let the world know the real Tibet and foreign delegations praise the progress and cultural preservation in Tibet.

Through such cultural exchanges, the world gets a clear understanding of China's Tibet and its culture, fully exposing the long-lasting lie of "cultural genocide" that the Dalai clique used to flatter the Westerners.

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