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Tibet to offer special train tour from June 1st

By Doreen Wang (China Tibet Online)

08:47, May 28, 2013

In order to attract more tourists, Tibet will open a special tourist program, the "Qomolangma" Train Tour on June 1, 2013, according to the Tourism Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region by Xinhua.

It is reported that the "Qomolangma" Tour will be taken on cardio trains owned by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company. The coaches of the train, which can accommodate more than 700 people, are capacious and comfortable.

In addition to a full-time tour guide, each train also provides a doctor to carry out physical examinations for tourists for free. This series of good services will bring a more comfortable and affordable traveling experience for tourists to Tibet.

Tian Jun, general manager of the Tibet Hong Shan International Travel Agency responsible for the organization and reception of the tourist train, said that the "Qomolangma" Tourist Train will start from Xining, capital of the Qinghai Province on June 1, arrive in Lhasa, and then go back to Xining, and the whole journey will last about four days.

One service will be offered in every four days, the other will last until mid October.

In regard to the reception, Tian Jun said that the travel agency has programmed boutique travel routes; therefore, tourists can visit many spots of Lhasa, Nyingchi Prefecture, Lhoka Prefecture and Shigatse Prefecture.

In addition, in order to ensure visitors to enjoy nice food, accommodations, transportation, tours, shopping and entertainment, they will organize a strong joint reception of travel agencies and hotels to participate in the reception work.

According to Tian, the "Qomolangma" Train Tour has a better price- versus-performance ratio, and an eight-day trip only costs 2,200 yuan(including the train ticket),and visitors can also enjoy a green channel to visit the Potala Palace.

At present, the "Qomolangma" Train Tour is well-received by visitors from many inland cities, and all the tickets of the first trip of the train have been booked up.

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