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Glimpses of wetlands in Tibet

By Can Cai (China Tibet Online)

09:46, May 29, 2013

Mapham Yutso Wetland, most typical of Tibetan lake wetlands, provides habitats for a large number of water birds such as the black-nencked cranes and bar-headed geese. It is also the "must go" migration path to the Himalaya Mountains for rare wild animals like Tibetan Yaks and antelopes. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Tibet is home to 6,523,500 hectares of wetlands, covering 4.9 percent of its total land area. Tibet's ecology is crucial for the soundness of the global natural environment.

Under full support of the local government, Tibet has built up a series of wetlands and wetland natural reserves including the Yarlung Zangbo River State Wetland Natural Reserve, Mapham Yutso Wetland, Mitika Wetland and other 24 natural reserves at local levels. Moreover, wetland ecological systems can be found in other types of natural reserves such as the Qomolangma Natural Reserve and Changtang Natural Reserve. They are of paramount importance in the preservation of Tibet's biodiversity and the establishment of its ecological shelter.

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