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Tibetan counties randomly allocate government workers' postings


09:59, May 29, 2013

Nearly 5,000 government workers in 11 counties of China's Tibet Autonomous Region have been appointed to their posts through a lottery scheme that aims at fairness by randomly selecting where they are to serve, sources revealed on Tuesday.

So far, a total of 4,740 newly employed public servants, public institution staff and police officers at primary levels in Chamdo Prefecture have been allocated jobs this way since the scheme was inaugurated in February last year, according to human resource authorities in Chamdo Prefecture.

Located in the east of Tibet, Chamdo features uneven economic development and inadequate transport infrastructure in some counties. Some newly employed government workers used to seek favor through political patronage to dodge remote and poor regions.

The lottery scheme was put in place to eradicate unfairness in the appointments, said Pan Yi, deputy director of the Chamdo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

The whole process of the lottery is monitored by supervision authorities, family representatives and media, Pan said.

Triwang Lhamo got her job in the government of Ra'og Township, Baxoi County, last November through the lottery after she graduated from college.

"The lottery method is relatively fair and it is easier for everybody to accept the results," she said.

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