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American lawyer: Dalai Lama is a monumental fraud

By Doreen Wang (China Tibet Online)

10:02, May 29, 2013

The U.S. published an article on May 20, 2013, which harshly criticized the spiritual leader of the "Tibetan government-in-exile", the Dalai Lama, and called him a "fraud".

It said the Dalai Lama is not only deliberately hiding the sordid history of Tibet to diddle sympathy of some people, who are ignorant about the truth, but also has it both ways and disregards of principles in many issues to gain support.

Titled Is the Dalai Lama a monumental fraud? , the author of the article is an attorney from Louisville named Thomas McAdam.

He talked from a recent event of the Dalai Lama at the KFC Yum Center. In order to have a look of the 77 year-old Buddhist monk, an enthusiastic throng of 17,000 people waiting in line in the hot sun stretched around the block and across the Second Street Bridge, half-way to Indiana. However, the author pointed out that "If people had even an inkling of what a sordid history precedes this huckster, the lines outside the Yum! Center would be considerably shorter."

The article said that most of the Dalai Lama's American friends received little knowledge about this charlatan from watching movies like "Seven Years in Tibet," "Kundun," and "Shangri-La." Or, they may have heard some Hollywood-types like Marlon Brando and Richard Gere propagandizing on the talk shows about the tragic removal of the Dalai Lama from power, by the "evil communist Chinese".

In regard to territorial sovereignty, the author pointed out that "Tibet has been a semi-autonomous province of China for over a thousand years. Until 1959, it was ruled as a theocratic dictatorship, with over ninety percent of the population living as serfs in a feudalistic system of involuntary servitude. Workers were routinely bought and sold as slaves, and punishments for speaking irreverently about the Dalai Lama included eye-gouging and tongue removal. Amputation of hands and feet were commonplace punishments for even minor criminal infractions."

For the reform of the Chinese government, the article said the Tibetan landlords and the Buddhist hierarchy--including the Dalai Lama and his minions--violently resisted these reforms, and, by 1955, they were in open rebellion against the Chinese government. Aided by Allen Dulles and his Central Intelligence Agency, the ruling Buddhist elite waged a series of bloody battles against the Chinese government.

According to the Chinese officials, the article said that "as many as 100,000 Tibetans had been killed in the insurrection". However, "the Dalai Lama continues to claim that more than one million Tibetans were massacred by Chinese troops; although that figure is in doubt, due to the fact that Tibet's population at the end of the Second World War was only 1.5 million, and today is approaching 3 million."

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