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Tibetan art show expected to cement China-Australia ties

(China Daily)

08:30, May 31, 2013

Daryl Maguire (L), chairman of the New South Wales Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship group, and Wang Peijun, president of China Tibet Online, introduce the Beauty of Tibet art show in Sydney, May 30, 2013. [Photo/China Daily]

Daryl Maguire, chairman of New South Wales Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship group, hoped the Beauty of Tibet paintings and photos exhibition could help Australians better understand Tibet’s wonderful culture.

During a press conference for the exhibition scheduled to start on May 31 in Sydney, Daryl Maguire said his group works as a bridge builder to enhance friendship in the Asia Pacific region through dialogues and cultural exchanges, including giving support to art exhibitions and business forums.

"The year of culture activity in Australia last year has broadened Australian people’s understanding of Chinese culture, and we hope this event further cements the relationships between China and Australia."

Daryl Maguire will represent the Premier of New South Wales to announce the opening of the exhibition that includes hundreds of paintings and photos related to Tibet.

Wang Peijun, president of China Tibet Online (, said that the increased cultural exchanges should be a key component of strengthening ties between China and Australia.

The exhibition was jointly organized by China Tibet Online, the All China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. The Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC) also supported the program by inviting famous calligraphers.

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