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Chinese Australian: The development and progress of Tibet is inevitable

By Doreen Wang (China Tibet Online)

09:08, June 04, 2013

Huang Tingrong takes a photo of his favorite painting with a mobile phone at the "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition 2013.[Photo/China Tibet Online]

Huang Tingrong, a Chinese Australian, was full of emotions after visiting the "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition 2013 in Australia, on June 2.

"It's hard to express my mixed feelings; anyway, I want to record all these pictures after I have seen them. Look at this picture, the serfs were liberated in Tibet, and that's a good thing," said Huang Tingrong.

"In addition to the intuitive feeling, I think all theses art works reflect too much, and one has to try to understand its deeper meanings," said Huang.

"In my view, some works are the epitome of the modern Tibet, and some works can reflect all the stories in Tibet through a character," he added.

Referring to the relationship between development and Tibetan tradition, Huang Tingrong said without hesitation that today's Tibet must take the path of development, because each nation will move forward along with the advance of history. Just like a child, he can't stay at the age of three, for he needs to grow up, and when he has grown up, his appearance is not the original one.

"National development is the same thing and it always keeps moving forward based on the fine tradition of a nation. As I have migrated to Australia, I encounter some influence in terms of habits and customs, such as eating bread instead of steamed bun every day," said Huang.

Huang Tingrong further pointed out, "Some western separatist forces often use development and culture protection issues to attack China. Actually they are not really in the interests of the Tibetan people, but to attack China in this way, and the essence of their behavior is to serve their political purposes," said Huang tingrong.

The "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition 2013, China's first Tibet-themed art exhibition of its kind, kicked off in Canberra, capital of Australia, on May 29.

Altogether 140 paintings and 140 photographs by renowned contemporary Chinese artists and photographers were put on display.

According to the organizer, the event will last for two weeks with exhibitions, discussions and screening of short films to be held in Sydney and Melbourne.

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