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Young painter: Tibetan culture should go global, be more open

By Drolma Li (China Tibet Online)

09:02, June 06, 2013

Lhapa Tersing, a young Tibetan painter,is working on a painting.[Photo/China Tibet Online]

Lhapa Tersing, a young Tibetan painter, said that the Tibetan culture should "go global" and be more open.

One of Lhapa’s works The Auspicious Hometown was among the whole collection displayed in the"Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition, which was shown in Canberra,Australia on May 29, 2013.

The Auspicious Hometown, according to Lhapa, was the inspiration outcome of his folk painting of the Gyantse County, Shigatze Prefecture, SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). It combines the folk legends, murals, oil paintings, thangka paintings as well as other art forms.

Lhapa said that the exhibition serves as a platform of the Tibetan culture to "go global" and "be more open".

"It is a challenge and an opportunity for the Tibetan culture. The Tibetan culture needs to walk out to meet with different aesthetic values. Consequently there is every reason that it will be improved afterwards,"said Lhapa.

"Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition displayed a total of 240 pieces from the most influential Chinese artists of the moment, a lot of which were created by native Tibetan painters and artists.

Lpaha took his working for example. His works were frequently exhibited abroad in countries like Singapore, Germany, and it is the second time that they have been displayed in Australia.

Lhapa said that the Tibetan art should unveil its mysterious mask, show on the international stage and be tested by aesthetic standards from all aspects. "Of the nation, of the world," said Lpaha.

Lpaha said that the two most important things for an international culture exhibition are to exchanges views and to sum up the experience.

Lhapa expressed that during his previous personal exhibition, he would always exchange views with his local counterparts on artistic forms and techniques.

"Therefore, the Tibetan artists should think and seek ways to show the ethnic culture on the international stage and express it to foreign audiences," Lhapa said.

To illustrate this, Lhapa shared his creating experience. He started his creating career with romantic paintings, such as children’s kites and teenage love. But later he found his works too simple and narrow under the backdrop of a wider culture background.

Now, Lhapa’s works are focused on introducing Tibet and the Tibetan culture such as the ethnic customs.

Lhapa added that the works displayed in Australia showcased a new art form, which is multi-featured and combines the oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, thangka painting, Tibetan folk painting, folk literature even proverbs.

In closing, Lhapa talked about the inter-relationship between tradition and renovation. He said that there is always space for culture innovation, but the premise is a firm grasp of the traditional culture.

Lhapa hoped that more and more Tibetan artists go abroad with their works, to show the Tibetan culture to the world.

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