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What does "Coalition in strife over Tibet show" reflect?

By Xiao Yang (China Tibet Online)

08:26, June 08, 2013

On June 2, 2013, several Australian media including Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times republished an article titled "Coalition in strife over Tibet show" published by Australia Tibet Council, an organization for "independence of Tibet", focusing on the so-called "strife" over a speech made by the Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop at the launch of the “Beauty of Tibet" art exhibition and the ensuing objection and even "warning" by that organization and the Gillard government respectively.

How could an ordinary art exhibition trigger off "coalition in strife" in Australia, a developed western country boasted for "democracy"and "freedom"?

Looking into what is behind the "strife", it is not hard to find out the double standards of the western politicians on the "Tibet issue", as well as the truth that the Dalai clique uses the "independence of Tibet" as their political leverage to split up China.

Jointly sponsored by All China Federation of Returned Overseas, China Tibet Online (, and Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, it was the second overseas tour of the "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition, with the first one held in Berlin and Hamburg of Germany in July 2012.

In 2013, a series of activities were held in Canberra, capital of Australia and its major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, including exhibitions, seminars as well as short films. A total of 280 paintings and photographs were displayed, showing a true Tibet to the locals.

The exhibition has drawn attention and won good comments of visitors from all walks of life in Australia and the press. The local media such as Australian Chinese Daily and The Sing Tao Daily praised it as "a good opportunity for Australian people to know about Tibet".

Nothing but the credit bothered some of the western politicians and Tibetan separatists, who jumped out and rebuked the art show immediately.

The speech by Julie Bishop mentioned in the article "Coalition in strife over Tibet show" was given at the opening ceremony of the "Beauty of Tibet" Art Exhibition held in Canberra on May 29, 2013. Ms.Bishop said, with the advent of the "Century of Asia", the cooperation in various fields between Australia and China is getting closer and closer than ever before. And Australians want to know more about China. Showing beautiful landscapes and the Tibetan people, the exhibition would enhance Australians' understanding of Tibet's development today, she also said.

Unfortunately, such a courtesy short speech was labeled by some people with ulterior motives. According to the report mentioned above, Bishop has been accused of a diplomatic gaffe by the Gillard government because she spoke at the launch of an exhibition on Tibet saying "the exhibition would enhance Australians' understanding of Tibet" two weeks before Dalai Lama's visit to Australia.

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