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Tibetan costumes in "Beauty of Tibet" painting

By Lucia Su (China Tibet Online)

08:29, June 08, 2013

Photo shows the "Beauty of Tibet" painting "Tibetan females in festive costumes" by Sun Zhengdong. [Photo/ China Tibet Online]

In the recently concluded "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition in Sydney, a painting titled "Tibetan females in festive costumes" fully expresses the beauty of ethnic Tibetan costumes combining modesty and luxury.

Including eight female Tibetans of different ages with different expressions and emotions, the painting "Tibetan females in festive costumes" by Sun Zhengdong harmonizes them in the colorful Tibetan costumes they are wearing.

There are bright ethnic features of Tibetan costumes, which distinct them from those of other ethnic groups. The basic features of Tibetan female costumes are the right lapel, long sleeves, loose waist, long skirt and long boots, the front of garment buttoning on the right; their hairs are braided, and various gold, silver accessories, beads and jades are also worn, which are shown in the painting.

The existing material objects of Tibetan costumes date back to the accessories unearthed in 1977 from Karup ancient cultural relic, Chamdo Prefecture of northeast Tibet Autonomous Region. Reflecting the daily life of ancient Tibetans of 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, there are not only tools-such as those bone needles used for sewing clothes-but also ornaments found in the Karup relic, including hairpins, semi-annular jade pendants, beads, as well as many other necklaces, plates and cowries, which can only be made with a sense of aesthetic consciousness.

During the Tubo Kingdom reign (from 7th to 9th century A.D.), Tibetan costumes made large progresses and reached prosperity, just as Stein wrote in his book On Ancient Central Asian Tracks, "there are many silk fabrics with patterns found in Tubo artifacts, some of which are printed and others are weaved, whose variety reflects the position of Tubo commerce…it might be an important trade point between China and western Asia."

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