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A green primary school on the plateau

By Karen Lin (China Tibet Online)

08:40, June 08, 2013

Students in the Lhalu Primary School are planting trees.[Photo/Xinhua]

Lhalu Primary School, which is near the Lhalu wetland, has been attaching importance to the environmental protection education of students for years and set a good example in the society to protect environment, reported by Xinhua.

Covering an area of 12.2 square meters which accounts for 11.5% of Lhasa city, Lhalu wetland is a national nature reserve with an average altitude of 3,600 meters. As the highest and largest natural city wetland of China, Lhalu wetland is known as the "lung of Lhasa".

Highlighting "harmony education to build green life classroom" as a philosophy to run school, Lhalu Primary School strengthens environmental protection education and strives to build a green school in Tibet, which are greatly welcomed by teachers and students there.

It is a great responsibility for teachers in the Lhalu Primary School to help students get along well with the Lhalu wetlands and cultivate their consciousness of ecology and environmental protection.

Firstly, Lhalu Primary School has spent 350,000 yuan on the environmental protection education of students in the last 3 years. For example, the school has organized students to plant trees, and the greening rate of the campus reaches 25% now.

Secondly, since teaching is a great channel to carry out environment al education, the school has published its own environmental protection materials and asked teachers to brief them to students in the classroom.

Thirdly, the school has organized a lot of activities to promote students' environmental awareness by composing school anthem, gymnastics, and Tibetan dance Guozhuang themed "environmental protection". In addition, teachers also take students to the Lhalu wetland to carry out long-term wetland protection activities.

It is expected that these activities can help students understand the significance of protecting the earth, according to Puqiang, vice principle of Lhalu Primary School.

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