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Sino-Australia friendship enhanced through "Beauty of Tibet"

By Lethe Guo (China Tibet Online)

09:58, June 14, 2013

The week-long series of "Beauty of Tibet" Painting and Photography Exhibition activities concluded on June 6 with the last symposium of overseas Chinese held in New Zealand.

Overseas Chinese and foreign friends were invited to come to Tibet and invitations were also sent to the "Beauty of Tibet" delegation to attend cultural and art exchange activities again in Australia and New Zealand.

Ray Pluis, general manager (acting) of the Narrandera Shire Council in New South Wales, along with his colleagues, had a long conversation with the Tibetan painter Nyima Tsering on the reception of the "Beauty of Tibet" exhibition in Chinese embassy to Australia in Canberra, expressing his interest towards Tibetan art and culture and his wish to launch future cooperation programs on culture, education and economy with the Tibet Autonomous Region.

China Tibet Online's CEO showed his warm welcome and expressed hearty support towards such good-will cooperation programs that will help promote mutual understanding between Australian and Chinese people especially on the conception of TAR and Tibetan people living in China.

"Tibet and Narrandera have similar fresh air, clean water, and vast pastoral land. I think Tibetan herdsmen and our pastoral and agricultural people have many things in common," said Ray Pluis.

Nyima Tsering and Lhapa Yidak, vice secretary for the Tibetan Cultural Development and Protection Association, also expressed their welcome by proposing organizing students' camps for young Tibetans and Australians in future to let both people understand each other deeper.

Such "invitations" were seen and heard frequently during the affiliated events along with the "Beauty of Tibet" exhibition. And obviously, a stronger tie of friendship has been fastened between the Australian audiences including New Zealanders and Chinese people including Tibetans.

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