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10:40 Apr 02 2009

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Let facts expose lies: Seven questions for the Dalai Lama (1)
14:36, March 26, 2009  

Since March this year, the 14th Dalai Lama has been active again overseas. Busy accepting interviews and attending gatherings, he's been bragging about his efforts for Tibet's human rights, democracy and freedom. He claims that the Tibetan people "are suffering in hell on earth," and that only the Tibet of the past was a "free Tibet."

The Dalai Lama's remarks disregard the truth and confuse right from wrong. They do not align with the hard facts and conflict with the emotions of all Chinese people, including Tibetans.

First question: Why does the Dalai Lama refuse to admit that Tibet historically belongs to China?

During the 50th anniversary gathering of the so-called "Tibetan people's peaceful uprising" on March 10 2009, the Dalai Lama claimed that "To admit that Tibet historically belonged to China is unreasonable and does not make any sense."

On April 22, 1956, the Dalai Lama, at the time Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, exclaimed, "From now on, the Tibetan people extricate themselves from imperialist enslavement and its fetters forever and return to the family of the motherland." Today, however, the Dalai Lama blatantly denies the fact that Tibet has been a part of China since ancient times. His words have no purpose but to make a "historical basis" and "realistic rationality" for the cause of "Tibetan independence."

According to historical materials, starting in the Yuan Dynasty, China's central authority had begun executing an incontestable and valid administrative jurisdiction over Tibet. The issue of sovereignty is a fundamental issue. The Dalai Lama's purpose in denying China's historical sovereignty in Tibetan regions is to find a juristic basis for "Tibetan independence," "semi-independence" or "independence in disguise." At present, countries around the world recognize Tibet as part of China. Not a single country believes that Tibet is an independent state, and not a single country recognizes the so-called "government-in-exile" led by the Dalai Lama. This is the official, formal and solemn attitude shared by governments around the world.

Lian Xiangmin, a research fellow at the China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC), said among the classification of world linguistics, both the Tibetan and Chinese languages belong to the same linguistic family. There are a large number of words in the Tibetan language introduced from the Chinese language during different historical periods, and Tibetan traditional medicine contains a lot of theoretical essences and practical experiences of Han Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Confucianism and doctrines of Confucius and Mencius have also permeated into the Tibetan traditional culture, and Confucius is called the "King of Infinite Resources" in Tibet. The one-sided argument of using Tibetan ethnic features as justification for independence is preposterous. The cultural and religious features of Tibetan ethnicity never hindered it from becoming a member of the big family of the Chinese nation.

Zhang Yun, a research fellow at CTRC, said that history has proven that the so-called "Tibet issue" and "Tibetan independence" are the products of an invasion of China by imperialists and their conspiracy to split the country. During his years of exile abroad, the Dalai Lama has unceasingly fabricated all kinds of lies according to situational changes and the likings of some westerners. He even claims that Tibet was an entirely independent state when the Chinese People's Liberation Army entered, and that even now Tibet is still an independent country under illegitimate occupation. His purpose is none other than to create "historical basis" and "realistic rationality" for "Tibetan independence" by resorting to help from anti-China forces in the west.

By People's Daily Online

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