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10:18 Feb 22 2010

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Foreign media: what damage will Obama-Dalai meeting cause? (2)
10:18, February 22, 2010  

According to a report from Reuters entitled "Washington Predicts China's Reaction," some experts claimed that the Chinese side may retaliate by dispatching a low-ranking official to participate in a nuclear security summit scheduled to kick off in April and to be presided over by Washington, or denying visas to some U.S. officials.

A French newspaper reported that it is very difficult to determine if China will take a series of countermeasures against the U.S. Obviously, China will use tougher words to protest against U.S. despite the fact no one can determine the level of China's anger. The newspaper added that the 2 sides may take more uncompromising attitudes such as postponing mutual-visits in the near future, but neither China nor the U.S. will take substantial actions against each other. It is unclear if China will resort to economic countermeasures or will take an uncooperative attitude on international issues.

Austria's national television station commented February 19 that Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama is a very moderate provocation. However, Obama will certainly not see a good effect if he intends to use the meeting as a tool of "democratic infiltration into China."

BBC quoted an expert from Indiana University as saying that the Dalai Lama who grasps every opportunity to meet with leaders of foreign countries should accept the fact that he will not find a solution to the Tibet-related dispute during his remaining years.

Global Times contributes to this article.

By People's Daily Online

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