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19:51 Feb 25 2010

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Foreign netizens: Obama-Dalai Lama's meeting is meaningless (4)
19:50, February 25, 2010  

4. Let me think about this for a while now. Obama is an incompetent doofus who has basically failed at everything he has turned his hand to. (which is why Sarah Palin's "how is that hopey-change thing working for you?" resonates so well.) So no one in their right mind would touch him with a bargepole if they wanted to progress their agenda. You'd be better off paying Dick Cheney a visit. For Obama is clearly going to be a one- term president and Dick will have some influence on the new guy.

And then you have the Dali Lama. The leader of a mediaeval theocracy that kept people in grinding poverty and misery and rickets until they were… of the place by the Chinese, who, after a shaky start, brought them peace, wealth & prosperity. The Dali Lama portrays himself as a man of peace but that's only because his armies were destroyed on the battlefield. So now he is waging "peace" as war by other means. What did he have to say about all those Tibetan riots he instigated a few years back? Who burnt Chinese people in their homes? He's not a man, in short, that I'd want to meet on a dark night. The whole lefty pro Dali Lama thing is just anti-Chinese racism. It used to be a John Bircher thing but the lefties have taken over the racism card over the time since Mao's death.

So where are we? Yes, I think. The two of them are well met. Hopefully they'll damage one another's causes. (Owen United States Minor Outlying Islands)

By People's Daily Online/

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