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08:34 Mar 16 2010

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American experience fails to help them understand Tibet (2)
08:31, March 16, 2010  

In 2008, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized to the nation's native people for "a sad chapter in our history." So, we assumed that the U.S. would also deeply rethink and repent their own misdeeds and vowed to prevent them from taking place again. In the face of the cruel misdeeds, anyone who abides by basic moral principles cannot feel at ease, let alone Americans who regard themselves as the chosen people of God. We respect the Christian culture in the U.S. and thus understand the prejudices some Americans have against China on the Tibet issue. But, after confessing to God, can Americans restore their self-confidence and believe that they are superior to others and that others deserve their suffering? Can God's love become a premise of cultural hegemony?

Today's China is a confident and open nation which allows tourists from all parts of the world to tour Tibet. Any tourist can witness the difference between Tibet and the Indian reservations in the U.S. So, the prejudice from some Americans resulting from their sense of superiority is a misunderstanding of China's intention.

If the U.S. has really learned from the past, it should not regard itself as the guide in human history and hold that others should repeat its own mistakes. Instead, it should show more respect for different cultures and unfamiliar countries.

Really kind people will be able to understand that without mutual understanding and respect, even a pursuit for civilization can turn into a violence-serving cultural hegemony.

China Tibet Information Center contributes to this article.

By People's Daily Online

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