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09:03 Mar 26 2010

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Scholar: Dalai Lama 'Great Tibet' remarks against Chinese laws (2)
08:47, March 26, 2010  

Hao, a Mongolian expert on ethnic theories and history, said that when the Tubo Dynasty fell, many tribes departed Tibet for Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. There they interacted with the local peoples, and cultivated certain cultural and linguistic characteristics different from those in today's Tibet.

Hao added that past Chinese governments adopted different systems when ruling Tibet and the surrounding Tibetan-populated areas. For example, Tibet was ruled by a theocratic system, while Sichuan province and other Tibetan-populated areas had a chieftain system in the late Qing Dynasty. The Qing government once tried to abolish the chieftain system, but only in the Tibetan-populated areas. Later, the Republic of China, which was established in the early 20th century, divided China into 18 provinces without absorbing the surrounding Tibetan-populated areas into Tibet.

By People's Daily Online

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