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08:29 Apr 06 2011

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U.S. foreign relations committee reports on assuring conditions of China's Tibet
08:29, April 06, 2011  

"Over the course of our brief visit to Tibet and Tibetan regions of western China, staff found that the situation defies simple explanation. Rapid economic development has produced real improvements in the quality of life, lifting hundreds of thousands of Tibetans out of poverty and bringing new opportunities to most of the residents of the rooftop of the world." said a U.S. senate committee report: Tibet: Seeking Common Ground on the Rooftop of the World, which was issued in March, 2011.

The report is submitted by Frank Jannuzi, Jay Branegan, Nicholas Ma, and Joel Starr, staffers from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senator Inhofe's office, who visited Tibet to meet with officials and assess current conditions there last fall.

The report affirms Tibet's local harmonious atmosphere, saying Tibetan people "are enjoying some of the benefits of economic development and increased government spending."

"Almost all had invested in a small solar panel and generator sets which provided enough power for a small TV. We saw families traveling between grazing sites with all of their possessions packed on the back of yaks, including the solar panel and generator charging their modern camera equipped cell phones."

According to the report, "these objectives" referring to that "Tibetans have equal opportunity, that they participate fully in the region's economic growth, that the fragile environment is protected for future generations, and that the unique Tibetan culture is preserved and its relics sensitively restored and protected" "are not alien to the Chinese government".

"In fact", they (the objectives) "appear to be integral to the 'Fifth Tibet Work Plan' recently adopted by the Chinese Communist Party and the central government."

"Fostering 'harmony' at home and abroad is a central goal of the Communist Party articulated by President Hu Jintao," the report announced.

From: China Tibet Online

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