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08:35 Apr 06 2011

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Dalai Lama's Retirement: political farce (3)
08:35, April 06, 2011  

The article says, the prescribed political rights of the lama have far exceeded the power of any political leader on earth.

This "Charter" made in 1991 stipulates in Article 3: This Charter … assented to by the Dalai Lama shall come into force on the day appointed by the Dalai Lama, and the future Tibetan polity shall …through the dual system of government;

Article 19 stipulates that the executive power shall be vested in the Dalai Lama, and shall be exercised by Him, either directly or through officers subordinate to Him. In particular, the Dalai Lama shall execute his power of the chief executive of the Tibetan government: approve and promulgate bills and regulations prescribed by the 'Tibetan Assembly'… dissolve or suspend the 'Tibetan Assembly'… dissolve the Kashag or remove a Kalon or Kalons.

Article 29 stipulates that the Dalai Lama may, in cases of an emergency, dissolve the Kashag or remove a Kalon or Kalons, including the Chief Kalon, as the case may be."

Article 30 stipulates that all executive business of the Tibetan Administration shall be conducted in the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Besides, according to Article 97, 101 and 107, heads of some crucial functions of the "Tibetan Administration in Exile"… may be appointed by the Dalai Lama, such as "the Chief Commissioner of the 'Tibetan Central Election Commission', the Chairman of the 'Public Service Commission'and the Auditor General of the independent 'Tibetan Audit Commission.'

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