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08:35 Apr 06 2011

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Dalai Lama's Retirement: political farce (5)
08:35, April 06, 2011  

Clearly, calling the Dalai Lama merely a "religious leader" is just an excuse for some western politicians to meet him. Even the Dalai clique and its western supporters never believe such a word.

Why 14th Dalai Lama wants to "retire"?

It is obvious that the Dalai Lama's "retirement" is merely a farce to protect him when he realized the situation was against him. For example, the so-called "cabinet" resigned and the "parliament"was forced to dismiss in 1991 due to a series of violence triggered by the frequent exposures of corruption of the Dalai clique.

To ease the conflict, the Dalai Lama declared that he would "semi-retire" form post. However, the fact proved that the Dalai Lama still has the final say in all major decisions of the Dalai clique.

In 2008, the internal contradiction of the Dalai clique became even worse after their failures to sabotage the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, so the Dalai Lama again put forward his "semi-retirement" and planed to retire totally.

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