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09:20 Apr 06 2011

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Snapshots of Chinese Tibetologist delegation in Estonia
09:20, April 06, 2011  

Hao Shiyuan (2nd R), head of a Chinese Tibetologists delegation, and Muneyasu (1st R), living Buddha of Kumbum monastery in northwest China's Qinghai Province and member of the delegation, meet with Estonian Foreign Ministry officials in Tallin, Estonia, April 4, 2011.[Photo/Xinhua]

A visiting Chinese Tibetologist delegation held a seminar here Monday with students and teachers of Tallinn University of Technology, offering them an insight into Tibet and its issues.

With plenty of historical material and pictures, the delegation introduced basic facts about Tibet, including its social and economic development, China's

policy of regional autonomy for ethnic minorities and the government's strategy of large-scale development in western regions.

After the seminar, Hao Shiyuan, head of the Chinese Tibetologist delegation, said that the delegation's visit to Estonia aims to deliver some genuine

messages on the development of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Hao said that during the visit, the delegation could also exchange views and experiences with Estonians on various issues such as the construction of a

united multi-ethnic country.

The Chinese delegation arrived in Estonia on Sunday. On Monday, they met with Estonian Foreign Ministry officials in Tallinn, the capital city.

On Tuesday, the delegation will also visit Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia.
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