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13:57 Sep 29 2011

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Tibetan farmers, herdsman benefit from rural tourism
17:12, June 28, 2010  

Nowadays, rural tourism is quietly rising in the farming and stockbreeding areas of Tibet. Tibet's tourism planning department has clearly put forward a proposal that by 2015, the entire Tibet Autonomous Region will launch five special tourist counties, 20 tourist townships and 100 tourist villages so that more farmers and herdsmen can benefit from the "special rural tourism."

Lulang Town in Nyingchi County deep in the forest has received more than 1,000 tourists per day since the beginning of summer this year. The tourists there can pass through forests and flowers by riding on horseback, shoot bows and arrows and walk to the villagers' homes to experience Tibetan life by watching folk dances and tasting local cuisines.

Sun Yongping, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau, said that since 2006, the Tibetan finance department has injected more than 47 million yuan to establish special rural tourism. The construction of tourism infrastructure in the 11th Five-year Plan in Tibet also invested more than 16 million yuan on repairing roads, cleaning the environment and establishing related facilities in the villages with tourism resources. Taking Nyingchi County as an example, the farmers and herdsmen who engage in the individual business of the rural hotels can receive 20,000 to 30,000 yuan of subsidies from the local government.

At present, the tourist industry has become the industry with the fastest income growth among the industries participated in by Tibetan farmers and herdsmen. According to statistics, there are about 50,000 farmers and herdsmen in Tibet who directly or indirectly engage in tourism reception services, with the per capita income increasing by 6,116 yuan in 2009.

By People's Daily Online


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