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08:06 Apr 11 2011

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Lhasa to open regulated caterpillar fungus market in May
08:06, April 11, 2011  

The first regulated caterpillar fungus market, Shun Xing Maket in Lhasa will officially open next month.

The new market, located at the crossing of East Linkuo Road and Jiangsu Road, will provide a sound environment for both buyers and distributors.

Ma Junsheng, manager of the market, told the reporter that quality is a key criterion for the selection of distributors. "…credibility and quality are most important, so consumers will save their trips to other places".

Mr. Ma also mentioned that the market will be strictly managed. In case of any fakery or fraud, the trouble maker will be immediately driven out of the market. Meanwhile, safety and security of the market will also be stressed with over 20 guards to work in shifts for 24 hours a day.

The lease rate varies based on locations and space, from 25,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan annually. Mr. Ma introduced.

"I'm looking forward to the opening of the market. And I will start my business right here…"Ma Zhongyi, a caterpillar fungus distributor said with big smile on his face.

From: China Tibet Online

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