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16:41 Dec 15 2008

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Picture exhibition 'Tibet of China' opens in Mexico
14:36, December 10, 2008  

A picture exhibition titled "Tibet of China" was inaugurated in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, where195 images documenting Tibetan history, cultural and religious protection, and socio-economic development are exhibited.

The exhibition, inaugurated by President of the Chamber of Deputies' Directive Board Cesar Duarte Jaquez, will remain open to the public until October 24.

The exhibition is divided into eight parts: the history, the slavery, the peaceful liberation and democratic reform, the foundation of the autonomous region, the protection and respect for human rights, culture and religion, the accelerated socio-economic development and the happy life of the Tibetan people.

Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Yin Hengmin introduced the history of Tibet at the inauguration ceremony and hailed the socio-economic achievements of the region, mainly during recent years.

Yin also thanked the hospitality of the Mexican Congress and legislature for permitting the exhibition of Tibetan culture such as music, dance, philosophy, religion, sports, architecture and plastic arts.

An attendee said the exhibition is very interesting, "because many times we have other images that do not correspond to the reality and with these pictures we can see how Tibetans live."

"I have visited some big cities of China like Shanghai and now I have the opportunity to know Tibet through this exhibition," said Felix Ordorica, a researcher of Chinese culture.

The exhibition was initiated by the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, the China-Mexico Friendship Group of the Chamber of Deputies, the Cultural Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Xinhua News Agency.

Source: Xinhua

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