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17:05 Apr 08 2009

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Film on Tibet starring Charlie Yeung to start shooting
16:07, April 08, 2009  

Shooting of a film directed by Dai Wei will start in Lhasa in May after one year of preparations, with famous Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung to star the movie.

The film titled "Once upon a Time in Tibet," is the second part of Dai's "Tibet romance trilogy". The first one, "Gamlhamedog", has made the young female director well-known.

A photo of "Gamlhamedog",a musical film directed by female director Dai Wei. (Photo: China Tibet Information Center)

Against the background of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the film will feature the love story of a wounded American pilot Robert and a Tibetan girl named Yongcuo over "the Hump" -- the southern end of the Himalayan Mountains.

Considering the harsh conditions of shooting on the Tibetan plateau and the heroine's ethnical and regional background, the director hadn't found a proper actress after searching for half a year. But finally she deceided on Charlie Yeung.

File photo shows famous Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung. (Xinhua Photo)

"At our first meeting she said frankly that she had known very little about Tibet. But after reading the screenplay, Charlie was so fascinated by the heroine's fate that she imagined many ways to portray the character. This convinced me that she is my ideal Yongcuo," said director Dai Wei.

Dai declined to reveal the name of a Hollywood actor, who is to play the leading man in the film.


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