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09:40 Jan 22 2010

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Top 9 Tibetan lakes' stories you must know (3)
09:31, January 22, 2010  

3. Solemn Daguo and amiable Tangra Yumco Lake

Here is the world famous "no-man-land". There are only one people per 6 square kilometers in Wenbu District.

Another scared mountain in Tibet "Daguo Mountain" and the "Tangra Yumco Lake" are located in the lonely Wenbu wasteland. It is hardly mentioned by people except in some legends.

Tangra Yumco Lake is the largest lake that is auspicious for followers of Tibetan Bonism. At 70 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide it is also the third largest lake in Tibet. The lake is 4,600 meters above sea level.
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