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09:40 Jan 22 2010

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Top 9 Tibetan lakes' stories you must know (6)
09:31, January 22, 2010  

6. Lamuna Lake- skull of the Pelden Lhamo

There is a famous lokapala in Tibetan Buddhism named Pelden Lhamo. The shape of Lamuna Lake is like a skull, so the Tibetans considered this lake as an embodiment of Pelden Lhamo's skull. It is also called "Drolma Lake".

Its height is equal to the snow line, so there are few people that are lucky enough to worship there. Its position has never moved during the hundreds of years' dissension, because it is considered to be the most scared holy lake in TAR. When the Dalai or Panchen had passed away, people have to worship the lake in order to gain some enlightenment from it before finding the reincarnated soul boy.

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