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08:26 Mar 24 2011

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Cartoon MV "Tibetan Mastiff Dorje" to be screened in June
08:25, March 24, 2011  

The cartoon "Tibetan Mastiff Dorje" is adapted from a best-selling novel, which described the story of Tian Jin, a ten-year-old boy and a mastiff he saved on the plateau in southwest China's Tibet. Tian Jin who is Han-Tibetan went to the west looking for his father after his mother died.

Tibetan singer Alan sings the theme song " Red Cliff " for the cartoon "Tibetan Mastiff Dorje". [Photo/Sina]

Tian Jin saved a golden Tibetan Mastiff and named it "Dorje Yumdro". After several attacking cases of men and livestock, the Tibetan Mastiff had been mistaken for the attacker.

Tian Jing with his dog escaped to the snowy mountains but encountered the real criminal. A fight just started...

Three greatest Japanese cartoon masters were invited for the production of the cartoon movie, which is the debut of cooperation in the production of the animated movies between China and Japan.

The movie will be put on show nationwide on June 28th, 2011.

From: China Tibet Online
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