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16:42 Dec 15 2008

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Kang Ding Love Song shown on CCTV 1
16:26, December 11, 2008  

The Kang Ding Love Song has been popular since the beginning of 1950. This song tells a love story about Tibetan Kamba youths. This song has been filmed into a TV series by the famous director Wang Xiaolie, and played by the TV stars such as Tao Hong, Hu Jun, Tang Guoqiang, Siqin Gaowa, etc. This TV series will be shown on CCTV 1 in the prime time on November 19th.

According to the director, this TV series was shot on the places of over 3000 meters elevation. The story in it will touch the heartstrings of audiences.

Kang Ding is a little town located in eastern part of Garze, Tibetan-inhabited areas in Sichuan province. It has a unique culture and picturesque scenery. For ten thousands of years, it has been considered as the multi-cultural core of Tibetan and Han Nationality, and the mixture of Western and Eastern culture.

It has Buddhism temples, mosques, Catholic churches and various assembly halls for Han Nationalities. The TV series of Kang Ding Love Song is based on this wonderland. It is said that the audiences can enjoy it from CCTV from November 19th.

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