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15:40 Mar 26 2011

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First folk drama 'Tears of Serfs' staged in Lhoka, Tibet
15:37, March 26, 2011  

One scenario of "Tears of Serfs" the first folk drama directed by Lhoka farmers and herders: The emancipated serfs holds the portrait of Chairman Mao, denoting the collapse of the decayed Gaxag government and singing to greet a free and bright future. (Photo/Tibet Daily)

On Mar 25, a self-directed folk drama "Tears of Serfs" was staged in Khesum community, Nedong Township of Tibet's Lhoka Perfecture, as a particular form of celebration for local commons embrace the upcoming anniversary of "Tibetan Serf's Emancipation Day".

Threading with stories of serf Trila Dorje's family, "Tears of Serfs" describes the unbearable oppression from the owner of Khesum manor before the initiation of democratic reform. The family rises to resist the oppression of the serf owner but failed due to the latter's heavy suppression.

Finally, led by the People's Liberation Army, all serfs unite to dethrone the dispiteous serf owners, and then have their own land and livestocks back as masters of their own life.

The drama shows the deepest respect and best wishes of Tibetan people towards the Communist Party of China and cherishment of the socialist new Tibet.

Realizing the incomparable significane of the great course from darkness to light, backwardness to progress, poverty to richness, autocracy to democracy, people would truely value and cherish the present happy life.

"My parents were both serfs, and this drama reminds me of their miserable past. I would only more than ever cherish and praise the present happiness", said Pasang Yudron with tears, a 50-year-old resident at the Khesum community.

Khesum has been well known as the first village in Tibet that accepted and started the Democratic Reform early in 1959.

"Tears of Serfs" will later be staged in many schools in Lhoka as they have already sent invitations to the drama team.

Source: China Tibet Online

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