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14:53 Nov 03 2011

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"Kora" Premieres in Lhasa
14:52, November 03, 2011  

The adventure drama"Kora" premieres in the Potala Palace square on Wednesday's snowy night, Nov. 2. A group of young film cast and crew presented their interpretation of persistence, bravery and vigor by acting a true story about travelling from Taiwan to Lhasa by bike.

The "Kora" will hit cinemas nationwide on Nov.3, 2011.

On the night, a song named "come back to Lhasa" was played in advance to start the ceremony. The presence of famous rock singer Zheng Jun brightened up the audiences. The crew of the movie and two leading roles Li Xiaochuan and Li Tao also attended the ceremony.

It's the first movie of the young director Du Jiayi, who directed the movie based on the best-selling book of exactly the same name. It describes the story of a collage student from Taiwan named Zhang Shuhao, who makes up his mind to fulfill his brother's last wish after seeing his brother's uncompleted dairy of cycling trip. During the long trip from Lijiang to Lhasa, although Zhang encountered many difficulties and dangers which made him once decide to give up, he persevered and eventually succeed. "It's my dream to make it well", said Du, who was moved by the story.

Indeed, the movie was a big success. It has won the "Best Artistic Contribution Award" on the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival.

The famous actor Huang Lei highly praised this movie: "It interprets the spirit of struggle and persistence for dreams and for youth. It's a movie about young people and made for young people."

From: China Tibet Online

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