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16:43 Dec 15 2008

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Beijing November again to woo 'Tibetan Riddle'
08:44, December 12, 2008  

"Tibetan Riddle," another classic of the noted dancer Yang Liping, will again turn up in Beijing following first show at the opening ceremony of the Fifth Beijing International Dance Festival in November last year.

From November 26, "Tibetan Riddle", which receives raves from audience in previous performances, is planed to be shown in the Poly Theater of Beijing for five consecutive plays.

According to dancer Yang, the "Tibetan Riddle" has become more matured in performance after touring around the country. Actors or actress are all Tibetan natives.

"Tibetan Riddle" tells the impression on the way to pilgrimage of a Tibetan mom. Indigenous Tibetan dancing, singing, drama and religionary activity in different areas of Tibet, dominate over the show, bringing out the most quintessential element of Tibetan culture.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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