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16:43 Dec 15 2008

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Eating Out in Ngari
10:33, December 12, 2008  

The Ngari diet belongs to the system of Chiang cuisine.

The Chiang cuisine refers to the diet of the pasturing area on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The major materials are cheese, cow hoofs, acidophilus milk and ghee. Generally, only one kind of material is used for a diet, which then has the nature flavor. Chiang cuisine tastes salty, light, fresh, sour and delicious. The Chiang food can help people adapt themselves to the cold climate of the plateau.

It is expensive for tourists to have dinner in Ngari. A bowl of noodle costs 10 RMB. Many of the restaurants serve Sichuan food. Tourists are usually asked to go to the kitchen to have a look and order their meals. Burang County has a relatively low altitude and a better climate, so there are more vegetables there. There are several Xinjiang restaurants opened by Xinjiang people at Shiquanhe Town.

Due to the poor conditions along the way to Ngari, tourists should also take along with them some food, such as honey, condensed milk, spices, ship biscuits, canned food, chocolate, fruits (apples), vegetables (such as carrots, cucumbers), drinking water, instant noodles, hams and so forth.

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