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16:43 Dec 15 2008

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Art of Tangka renewed and furthered
10:22, December 12, 2008  

Tangka is the Tibetan word for art images created on rolls of silk or satin. The art form recreates Tibetan anecdotes or folk customs and images of the Buddha. It's an art handed down over a thousand years. It's listed as a part of China's Cultural Heritage.

During the weekend in Qinghai province in northwest China, an exhibition dedicated to the esteemed art, opened the first International Tangka and Cultural Heritage Expo.

Forty three Tangkas from abroad are on display. They are along side 105 from China. The major exhibition in Xining, the provincial capital, also presents 124 examples of Intangible cultural heritage. One giant piece of Tangka is dedicated to time. The scroll of five Chinese Olympic Mascots has an auspicious background of Tibetans in prayer. The figures are flanked by Chinese dragons, symbols of bravery and power. Local craftsmen spent three years on the project.

The styles of Tangka are as diverse as its palette. On display are the braided Tangka, pasted-embroidered works; Tangka fashioned from threads of leather - applique Tangka and pearl Tangka. The gem of the exhibits is from the school of Regong Tangka. It was widely hailed as a Tangka full of fire, for its different artistic style, exquisite layout and intense colors. For many visitors, the Tangka exhibition opens more than a window to fine drawing.


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