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17:16 Nov 01 2011

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In a silent world, love is the best language
17:08, November 01, 2011  

"When there is no language, love is the best language," said Ngodup, art teacher of the Tibet Special Education School in Lhasa.

Six works of students from the Tibet Special Education School has gained great popularity in the 1st Beauty of Tibet Painting Contest, which has kicked off on Oct.26 in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution.

"The students of the school are of different minority nationalities, but you know, when there is no language, it seems there is no limit or boundaries of nationalities any more, what we share here is love," said Ngodup.

There is a boy from a Tibetan-Hui family, which means his family members are Tibetan people and they believe in Islam. Also there are students from Tibetan families or Han families. But they all use the sign language to communicate.

"The school was founded in 2000, but before this, disabled children are always freezed off by normal ones, they do not have their own circles. Since they have companions, gradually they become more extravert and optimistic."

The Tibet Special Educational School based in Lhasa is the only comprehensive special education school, and it concentrates on education for blind children, deaf children, and mentally retarded children.

From: China Tibet Online

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