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16:14 Nov 04 2011

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College student paints history in colors
16:13, November 04, 2011  

Now as a senior college student, Tsering belongs to the new generation of Tibetans who are more creative and expressive. He aspires to paint the Tibetan life, people and scenery with a unfathomable and deep feeling toward the plateau.

In the past "Beauty of Tibet" painting contest, Tsering brought four pieces of his best selected paintings. No matter he paints the century old palace in Lhoka or the first palace in Tibet, he emphasizes the coloring so intensively. It seems that the aged architectures are being more than themselves. Instead, there are a lot of stories hidden behind.

"Looking from every single angle, you will get a different scene, and you will push yourself to draw it all," Tsering recalls his experience of painting the Yumbu Lhakhang, Tibet's first palace and now a most popular site of attraction.

The young painter plans his life as a teacher for painting, and also someone to keep drawing about Tibet all his life.

From: China Tibet Online

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