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10:56 Dec 19 2009

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Anti-poaching campaign launched in Hoh Xil
10:56, December 19, 2009  

The Hol Xil Nature Reserve Administration has launched a large-scale anti-poaching campaign in the area, northwest China's Qinghai Province, to prevent and crack down on poaching offences.

The reserve, at an average altitude of 4,600 m, is the home to rare plateau animals such as Tibetan antelopes, wild Tibetan donkeys, wild yaks and Tibetan gazelles.

The campaign will continue till next March, with three patrol teams going deep into the hinterland of the reserve from various directions.

The northern-line patrol team will reach the Sun Lake and Zhuonai Lake via the border area between Qinghai and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to the migration route of Tibetan antelopes, said Caidanzhou, director of the administration.

The middle-line patrol team will inspect along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and its neighboring areas. The southern-line team will patrol along the Tuotuo River, the source of the Yangtze River, and spread knowledge of wild animal protection and ecological environmental protection among local residents.

With patrolling well under way, no poaching cases have been reported so far.

Since winter is the mating season for Tibetan antelopes, it usually sees more poaching cases than any other season. So, the administration will continue to take anti-poaching actions.

Source: Xinhua

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