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21:40 Sep 29 2011

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Nyingchi forest rangers protect the land (2)
10:01, July 16, 2010  

Baizhen, deputy director of the forestry bureau of Gongbujiada county, Tibet Autonomous Region, tells CRI reporters their efforts in forest protection at her office, July 4, 2010. [Photo:]

Baizhen, deputy director of the county's forestry bureau, said there were less than forty monkeys seven years ago, but now thousands of rhesus monkeys inhabit the mountainous area.

Actually, 163 mu of the monkeys' current habitat was once farmland owned by locals, who turned their land into forests so the monkeys and other animals could have a better environment for proliferation, according to Baizhen.

Although attending to the forest creatures has made Drobu Jie tired, he appeared glad to talk about them and seemed to enjoy the days with the monkeys. But his job was completely different before 2003.

As Nyingchi is well-known for its abundant forestry resources, many locals ignored related regulations and wantonly cut the trees to make money. Drobu Jie had to take every effort to stop such behavior, which brought him some trouble.

In the 1990's, he confiscated some wood from his relatives, and was hence seen as their enemy. Drobu Jie said the hatred between him and his once-close relatives lingers today as result of his job.

Besides local residents, someone from the neighboring province such as Sichuan, also coveted the wood and stole trees from time to time. Dealing with these people even threatened the safety of Drobu Jie and the other forest rangers.

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