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16:55 Feb 20 2011

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Tibetan antelope in Tibet
16:51, February 20, 2011  

Tibetan antelopes search for food on grassland in Tibet. [Photo/Baidu]

Tibetan antelope is a medium-sized bovid with a shoulder height of about 80 centimeters and 135 centimeters in length. Its tail is short, and the four limbs are sturdy and symmetrical.

Tibetan antelope usually inhabits on meadow and highland at an elevation of 4,600 to 6,000 meters.

Native to China, it is mainly distributed in Sichuan, Qinghai Provinces, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Tibet Autonomous Region. It has been listed in Appendix I of International Trade Convention on Endangered Wild Animal and Plant Species.

Tibetan antelope searches for food on grassland in Tibet. [Photo/Baidu]


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