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10:50 Mar 26 2009

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Conclusion of 50th Anniversary of Democratic Reform in Tibet Exhibition
10:49, March 26, 2009  

History makes fair judgments.

 Over the past 50 years witnessing historical changes, Tibet has moved from a dark society to a brigh one, from a backward society to a progressive one, from poverty to prosperity, dictatorship to democracy, and seclusion to opening-up. History has proven that without the democratic reform, there would not have been the vigor of development of Tibetan society and that without the Communist Party, there would not have a socialist new Tibet.

 Only in the embrace of the motherland, only by adhering to the Communist Party's leadership, to the socialist system and to the ethnic regional autonomous system, and only by taking the development path with Chinese and Tibetan characteristics, will people of all ethnic groups in Tibet be able to enjoy a happy life today and an even better tomorrow.

Source: Xinhua

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