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16:44 Dec 15 2008

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Tashi: Former serf, now hotel boss
14:29, December 12, 2008  

As a serf in old Tibet, Tashi, a 68-year-old Tibetan man in Lhoka Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, has now become the boss of Tashi Hotel.

Located in the south of Kangdese Mountain and near Yamzhou Yumco Lake, Tashi Hotel in Arza Town always welcomes many tourists who come here for its fame from home and abroad, from April to September every year. Among them some are from America, Japan and etc. Tourists with travel guide in hand and posters from different countries can often be seen in the hotel.

Tashi looked very happy when talking about his hotel. "My hotel has received the support of the local government as many preferential policies have been put forward since China' reform and opening-up. Income of the hotel is pretty good because it has an advantage of a good location." Tashi Hotel has over 20 rooms with the capital of about 80,000 yuan and Tashi can be listed as the richest man in Arza Town.

"I had never expected that in the past because I had lived a dog's life as a serf," said Tashi, "I did everything at that time but still couldn't see hope. I thought maybe I would live like that for my whole life."

"However, after the democratic reform in the Tibet Autonomous Region, I began my new life by opening a clothing store, which ended my miserable life. And later I opened my hotel, which is the 1st hotel in my town," Tashi told the reporter.

Besides enjoying the sunset and stars, tourists can see mountains covered with snow in the clean Tashi Hotel though it is a bit simple because it has no TVs or lavatorys.

Living in a Tibetan-style house, Tashi has a happy family: his son is an official in the local finance bureau and his two grandsons study in Hunan. Tashi wishes that they study hard to work for their hometown in the future.

"My hotel runs well and I feel satisfied with my present life," Tashi said.

When the journalists left Tashi's house, construction of a row of new houses were finished in front of Tashi Hotel. That was a secret of elder Tashi: He wants to enlarge the hotel.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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