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14:09 Dec 19 2008

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New Tibetan language dictionary to start compiling
14:09, December 19, 2008  

A new dictionary of Tibetan language will soon start compiling after the establishment of related departments to meet the public's increasing demands for the language study.

The dictionary, "Tibetan Language Dictionary", plans to have 150,000 vocabulary entries with 25 million words, concerning such fields as technology, Tibetan medicine, Buddhism, drama, law, economy, history, geography, folk-custom, chemistry, physics, biology and etc.

It will take more than five years to finish.

In 1978, the Tibetan-Han Dictionary, which has a vocabulary of 53,000 entries, was issued after eight years of hard work by some ten Han and Tibetan experts.

It is a comparatively canonical dictionary available in the market now. However, with the increasing demands for studying Tibetan language, the public is calling for a more comprehensive one.

The preparation of the new dictionary started in 2006 and its publishing was then listed among the national key items.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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