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16:44 Dec 15 2008

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The Himalayas to the south of the Tibetan Plateau is the youngest and highest range on earth
14:38, December 12, 2008  

Tibet has a varied topography divided into three different natural parts: the northern Tibet Plateau in the west which lies between the Kunlun and the Tangula and the Gandise and the Nyanqin Tangula ranges, covering two-thirds of the total area in the Tibet Autonomous region, the river valleys in the southern part of Tibet which lie between the Gangdise and the Himalaya ranges; the eastern part of Tibet belongs to an area of deep gorges where a series of mountain ranges from east to west criss-crossing mountain ranges running from south to north. This is some parts of the Hengduan mountain range, whose landform can be divided into six types of terrains such as ultra-high mountain, high mountain, medium-high mountain, low mountain, hill and plain. There is also ice-field Karst topography, wind-sanded and volcanic land.

Source:China Tibet Tourism Bureau

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