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15:45 Apr 06 2011

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Tibet temporarily closes to protect foreign tourists
15:22, March 08, 2011  

Tibet intends to ensure the quality of tours offered to the international travelers in cold March, the festival month of Tibetan New Year, so Tibet has restricted access to foreign friends in March.

Tibet has just welcomed its New Year on Tibetan calendar, which means a busy religious month. Additionally, there are only 1,000 hotels in Tibet.

Thus, access is still available with the exception of certain time periods, such as religious days, and some certain locations, such as extreme cold places, are off limits, explained Zhang Qingli, Tibet Autonomous Region Chief and China National People's Congress (CPPCC) member, on March 7, which is the Tibet delegation open day.

Tibet is safe and stable, he said, but due to limited accommodation capacity and unfavorable weather conditions, restrictions must be imposed.

As for the question of March 14 Tibet riot for the year of 2008, Zhang responded with an analysis of the collective psychology of Tibetan citizens. Now, average Tibetans know that they will not in the end benefit from an anti-government riot in any way. Only the rebels do.

By Li Yancheng, People's Daily Online

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