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08:31 Apr 26 2011

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Lama's self-immolation carefully planned (2)
08:30, April 26, 2011  

If Rigzin Phuntsog were sent to hospital timely, he could have been saved, Soinam said.

Local law experts said that the lamas, fully aware that Rigzin Phuntsog was seriously burned and might die without immediate medical treatment, refused to send him to hospital. As Rigzin Phuntsog died due to delayed treatment, those lamas were on suspicion of intentional homicide.

The local government of Aba County of Aba Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture said in a circular issued early Friday that the government decided to give legal education in Kirti Monastery and the decision was made in light of the "problems" in the monastery as well as illegal activities committed by some of its lamas over the years.

The lamas would study the country's laws and regulations as well as religious disciplines and commandments, it said.

The county government said a small number of lamas in the monastery have, for a long time, repeatedly disrupted social order. Since 2008, some lamas in the monastery have been found possessing guns and ammunition, committing criminal activities involving beating, smashing property, looting and arson, and carrying out self-immolation.

According to the circular, some lamas in the monastery had repeatedly violated Buddhist disciplines and commandments and were found visiting prostitutes, getting drunk and kicking up rows, and being engaged in gambling. And some even disseminated pornographic videos.

Those activities "have corrupted social values and tarnished the image of Tibetan Buddhism," the circular reads.From: Xinhua

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